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Chief Technology Officer

Head of Engineering

HappiLabs is building the next big thing for the scientific community – a first-of-its-kind technology that will advance how scientists operate in their labs. Think of an AI-powered personal assistant for scientists. We call it the Virtual Lab Manager.

Scientific labs move at the pace of 1983. With the Virtual Lab Manager, scientists have quicker access to information about their lab purchasing, inventory, safety, and finances, saving them time and energy better spent on their research. A scientist’s job has never been easier. The faster scientists can move, the faster scientific breakthroughs will happen. HappiLabs is bringing real change to an old school industry.

The Virtual Lab Manager has proven an essential service to scientists as we’ve grown to 14 employees from our boot-strapped beginnings in 2012. We have built a legitimate and profitable $1M business.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level through technology and automation – and we’re aiming for $100M in revenue in 5 years. This can only happen if we have the right technological vision, talent, and execution.

Our Founder and CEO, Tom Ruginis, has moved to Silicon Valley to help advance the technology by building a tech team to supplement our science team. But he needs help.


We’re ready to welcome more talent to our friendly crew at headquarters in Chicago, specifically a ​Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or lead engineer.

This person will play a vital role in our journey. Customers have likened the Virtual Lab Manager to having a reliable and trustworthy friend that lives in their computer. You will lead the development and implementation of the technology that brings this friend to every scientist on the planet.

In partnership with our CEO, you’ll map out the technical strategy for the software, create the product, and help further build out the engineering team. This role is an opportunity to bring true innovation to labs and scientists all over the world and in turn, shape the future of science.

We’ve spent the last six years experiencing steady growth, and mastering the art of virtual lab management, so you’ll be joining the team at a key moment in our evolution.

Our ideal tech innovator has vision, is smart, and wants to help scientists be better at their job.

Keep in mind….we will be patient with the CTO search but can use a software engineer now. CTO is a badass who needs to get along well with Tom and share his vision.

A strong candidate will have:

  • BS/BA in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field
  • Intelligence
  • Prior experience as a CTO and/or software engineer with full stack capabilities and/or a recent Computer Science graduate from a top university
  • Knowledge of the life sciences industry or an interest in science


  • Help us build a $100M company
  • Responsible for software design and architecture
  • Develop and execute the product roadmap
  • Understand the business and contribute to the company strategy
  • Team management (recruitment, personal development, retention, and success metrics)


  •  Looking to start as soon as possible in Chicago or San Francisco

If you’re interested or have questions:



Virtual Lab Manager

By helping scientists do their job, we are helping all the people on the planet who benefit from inventions, creations, and knowledge that scientists create.

You will co-manage a minimum of two labs. We are “virtual” so your job consists of sitting in an office and communicating with scientists, in other parts of the world, about what they need to run their experiments.

You will be trained to be one of the best lab managers in the world.


A strong candidate will have one of these backgrounds:

  • Lab manager or postdoc (or superb grad student) who has managed people, experiments, and budgets
  • Purchasing agent
  • Sales rep in the life science industry (but this is NOT a sales job)


  • Communicate with engineers & scientists to understand their needs and experiments
  • Communicate with suppliers (sales reps, technical help & customer service) to obtain pricing and technical info, place orders, retrieve order updates, and solve logistics and supply chain problems
  • Keep accounting records organized
  • Report progress and solve problems at team meetings


Looking to start now, preferably in Chicago.


  • Full-time
  • $50-70k, depending on experience
  • Medical and Dental health benefits
  • A t-shirt, free coffee and snacks at the office


We want a long-term commitment, someone who will help a small company grow into a large one.

  • Tech savvy (very good with a computer, its keyboard and multiple monitors)
  • Proactive mentality – help without being asked to help, and an ability to predict problems
  • Knowledge of hardware or mechanical engineering, and/or chemistry, and/or molecular biology
  • A passion for science and desire to make a difference in the world.
  • Confident presence on the phone. We frequently call suppliers



It will not hurt to connect with Tom on LinkedIn.