To improve the happiness of scientists &
the quality of their research


Help scientists and biotech startups focus on their science

Established in 2012, we are a bootstrapped, family-owned business. HappiLabs provides a variety of services to help scientists and biotech labs be better with finance and lab operations. We noticed that scientists do not have resources available to make informed purchasing decisions about lab supplies and all the companies who sell them.

Our primary service is called the Virtual Lab Manager, like an outsourced lab manager or purchasing department.

We evaluate the supply chain, which is a mess and costs scientists a lot of time as they search for prices and specs, talk to sales reps, and call customer service. HappiLabs studies this process to be quicker and better than anyone else at this job.

The way we see it, the less you have to think about this stuff, the lower your stress, and the happier you’ll be.


We hire and train PhDs who understand life in the lab. Through 1:1 training and innovative technology tools, our team members are the fastest option to get you what you need. Our comprehensive database includes prices of 1000s of products from 100s of suppliers. We know who sells what, at what price, and when it will arrive at your lab.

What takes your lab manager 45 minutes, we’ll do in 20.

The first-ever on-demand virtual lab managers are ready to get to work whenever you are. Just say the word.

Working with Happilabs has been like having a friend who lives inside my computer. I send requests for product research, ordering, and even complicated price negotiations and it just works. Thanks guys.

Eric Llewellyn, PhD

Scientist, Assembly Biosciences

We’ve built a database that includes prices of 1000’s of products from 100’s of suppliers. We know who sells what, at what price, and when it will arrive at your lab.

When you hire HappiLabs, your lab operations are in good hands.


We Believe Scientists Have More to Worry About
Than Operations & Finances


The NIH has been asking for help for years


Lab happiness is at an all-time low. Grad students are unhappy and PhDs need help.


No one is regulating the quality of lab supplies and equipment: Evidence 1 Evidence 2 Evidence 3.